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Gamer in Internet Cafe Gaming Center for 6 Years Consecutively

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There’s a new nestling for China’s growing downside with web addiction. Name of thiis unfamous guy is Li Meng and he has lived at an internet cafe gaming building for six years.
The story from national capital Times, republished by Xinhua, describes but Li Meng spends shut toly all of his time at the building close to in China’s Northeast city of Changchun, leaving only for food and thus the occasional shower.

A newsperson for the paper visited visit him:

No matter what was same, he refused to speak with anyone else. I consulted the restaurant owner, United Nations agency merely explained that having been there for thus long, they barely detected his presence, and located him to be easy and of very little annoyance.

Eventually the newsperson was able to crack the gamer, a “bespectacled youth clearly hadn’t been to a artificer for an extended time”:

“As he talked to our newsperson, his gaze was secured to the pc screen, the bag containing his dinner open by his facet. He features a monthly financial gain of RMB2,000 ($322), of that five hundred ($80) is paid as a fee to the restaurant monthly.”

Others at the restaurant appeared a touch troubled regarding him. “He typically comes at nighttime to play the sport, gets sleepyheaded throughout the day and sleeps here. From time to time are bent on take a shower,” one person told the Beijing Times.

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While six-year stints in net cafes area unit uncommon, the wide coverage of net addiction in Chinese media shows that issues area unit going thought. that is Magazine, the expat publication that 1st picked up the story, signifies that it may be tough to travel anyplace in Beijing while not viewing a 网吧 or “online recreation bar”.

A 2010 Wired Magazine story centered on a Chinese camp designed to cure youngsters of net addiction type. There have been reports that similar camps in internet cafe gaming are caught mistreatment violence to discipline the addicts. The camp featured by Wired told prospective shoppers that as several eighty p.c of Chinese youth suffer from the affliction — sure enough AN exaggeration however enough to grant pause.

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